Victor Peppermint Espresso Martini 🍸

Victor Peppermint Espresso Martini 🍸

Enjoy this classic cocktail, with a peppermint rimmed twist!

• 1 ounce Kahlúa Liquor
• 2 ounces Victor Vodka
• 1 ounce freshly brewed espresso
• splash cream optional
• Ice
• Crushed peppermint candy cane and honey to garnish (You can also use peppermint hard candies.)

• Begin by rimming your martini glass in honey. Let any excess drip off. Then, dip into the crushed peppermint pieces. Set aside.
• In a cocktail shaker with ice, add the Kahlúa, vodka, espresso, and cream. Shake vigorously until combined and cold.
• Pour the cocktail into the prepared martini glass and enjoy!

Get into the holiday spirit with our Victor Signature Line. Also available in 375ml Stocking Stuffer sizes! 🎅 
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